Clarinet Artist / Composer


Micina is a clarinet player, music composer/arranger, producer and director, in Japan and USA.

She was born in Japan,Tokyo, is living in USA, Tennessee from 2023.

Graduated from Tokyo College of Music, majoring in clarinet. After graduation, She began composing music and provided compositions for Japanese companies, professional and amateur performing groups. Now, her works have been performed in top competitions in Japan and concerts in Japan and abroad. 
She participated in music recordings for JapaneseTV dramas and animations, also she can home recording. 

Member of Clarinet Quintet Penta-CLam and Pop Entertainment Grope CLASH.



X (Twitter):@Micina_clarinet

Micina「The First Motion」MV

"Scene of the City and the Glass Sea" for Clarinet-octet.

"Flight of the Bumblebee" for Pop Clarinet performance.